Weitere Unterstützer*innen für ein Kids-Projekt in der STANDING ROCK RESERVATION gesucht

In der Standing Rock Reservation, Nord Dakota, soll es ein neues Zentrum für Jugendliche geben, die Planung läuft bereits auf Hochtouren, am 8. Mai gab es u.a. hierzu ein Online-Meeting von Unterstützer*innen des Lakota Peoples Law Projektes (LPLP), zu denen wir als Verein auch zählen und entsprechend auch an dem Meeting teilnahmen und wir haben auch erste kleinere Spenden hierfür überwiesen. Aufgrund der beruflichen Biografie einiger unserer Mitglieder und auch von den Gründer*innen Claudia und Michael, unterstützen wir gerne indigene Jugendhilfe-Projekte. Nicht umsonst lautet ja auch der Untertitel unseres Vereins “Verein zur Unterstützung indianischer Jugend-, Kultur- und Menschenrechtsprojekte”. Neben einem weiteren Jugendprojekt des LPLP, nämlich einem indigenen Heimprojekt, das wir in Vergangenheit ebenfalls unterstützt hatten, werden wir weiterhin auch Jugendprojekte in der Pine Ridge Reservation dauerhaft unterstützen. Anbei der Originaltext des LPLP:

A couple weeks ago, our partner, McLaughlin city councilmember Hoksila White Mountain, told you about our plans to open a teen center on the Standing Rock Nation. Today, I’m happy to report that everything is moving forward rapidly, and our youth will soon have a great place to play safely, learn about their own culture, and get academic support for their schooling!

We’ve already raised most of what we need to purchase the teen center, and we’re now just $10,000 away. Can you help us get there and close the deal? Any additional funds you donate will then allow us to make basic repairs and acquire the equipment — like computers, pool tables, and a basketball court — that will attract Standing Rock’s teens to their amazing new resource. Truly, the sky’s the limit on what we can do for these kids if we work together.

Don’t miss our new video: Hoksila and I discuss the goals for our Standing Rock teen center. We even talk to some teens about their own great ideas!

As you know, we’ve got a long history of fighting for Lakota children and families. As I mention in our inspiring new video, that’s why I got involved with Lakota Law in the first place. So I’m doubly excited that we’ve started making these new, tangible commitments within the Standing Rock community. While we also continue to work on the high level issues — like our meeting last week with the tribe’s Health, Education, and Welfare Committee to open channels of direct federal funding for foster care — we’re now equally focused on brick and mortar solutions that immediately change lives, every day.

Because an older teen center shut down five years ago, ours will fill a critical gap at Standing Rock. We’re going to do whatever it takes to bring new light into young lives. We plan to equip our facility with tutoring, healthy food, job training, and access to culturally appropriate experiences like sweat lodge and field trips to sacred sites. We also plan to build out multimedia skill development to foster storytelling, language revitalization, and knowledge preservation from Standing Rock elders.

And — someday soon! — we’ll build a basketball court, making outdoor recreation easy and accessible. (Kids love basketball in Lakota Country.) It’s not even a huge stretch to think we might get New Jersey Nets all-star point guard, former world champ, and Standing Rock member Kyrie Irving to come out and host a basketball camp.

As you can see, we are dreaming big — as we believe each and every child has the right to do — and we mean to instill purpose, ambition, and know-how in these teens. I grew up at Standing Rock, and I know what’s possible for them. I thank you for joining me in seeing and fostering their potential.

Wopila tanka — my eternal gratitude for empowering our kids!
Chase Iron Eyes
Co-Director & Lead Counsel
The Lakota People’s Law Project

P.S. Thank you for continuing to stand with Standing Rock! Without your support, we couldn’t keep making the real progress we have in pipeline fights, centering Native voices, and creating a future full of promise for our kids. Please give what you can to help us reach our immediate fundraising goal of $25,000 for purchasing and outfitting the teen center. I can’t wait to share more with you about it as we get it up and running!

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