Jeden Dienstag ist Free-Mumia-Tag. It´s easy – so do it.

Tu dein Teil dazu, dass MUMIA ABU-JAMAL frei wird:

jeden Dienstag anrufen unter 001-215-686-8000 zwischen 12-2PM (das ist 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr MEZ) und teilt dem Staatsanwalt von Philadelphia, Mr. Krasner, mit:

(hier einige Argumente zum Auswählen)
“Many people who worked tirelessly for your election feel betrayed. We
knocked on doors, held fundraisers and gave our own money to support a
“Just DA”. We disagree strongly with your decision to appeal the Mumia
ruling, in fact we condemn it. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”


“Your appeal of Black Judge Leon Tucker’s ruling in favor of Mumia
defends racist Judge Albert Sabo, who said: ‘I’m going to help them fry
the N-word’. He also put more Black and Brown men on death row than
anyone else in the US. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”


“Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted because the police tampered with and
‘lost’ key pieces of evidence; the prosecution manufactured evidence of
guilt, suppressed proof of innocence and selected a Jim Crow jury, among
other due-process violations. Krasner, your appeal of Judge Tucker’s
ruling defends those unjust practices. That’s not what you were elected
to do. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”


“Krasner, Black Lives Matter! Stop siding with the FOP and racist
corrupt judges like Sabo & Castille and against a Black Judge, Leon
Tucker. When you appealed Tucker’s decision, you betrayed us and your
own rhetoric about ending mass incarceration and wrongful incarceration.
Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”

Ihrt könnt das Büro des DAs Krastner auch mit Emails massenhaft fluten: sowie Tweets: @philaDAO . Do it! We do it too!!

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