Statement Leonard Peltiers zum Ende seines 42. Haftjahres

anbei Leonard Peltiers aktuelles Statement zum Ende eines weiteren Jahres in Haft (in Englisch). Aus aktuellem Zeitmangel kann derzeit keine Übersetzung zeitnah erfolgen. Wir bemühen uns dies nachzuholen.

The War for Survival
by Leonard Peltier – November 22, 2018
Well here it is, sorry to say, another year, and I’m still writing to
you from a prison cell. I am still in pain from my illnesses with no
knowledge of whether I will ever get treatments for them. But I’m alive
and still breathing hoping, wishing, praying for not just my pains, but
for all Native Nations and the People of the World who care and have
positive feelings about what is happening to Mother Earth and against
the evils committed by Wasi’chu in their greed for HER natural resources

It doesn’t seem as if any changes for the good or safety of Mother Earth
will happen soon. But the good-hearted People are fighting back, and
some good People are winning in the struggles to beat back some of this
evil and to make THE Changes, the safety networks, we need for our
grandchildren and great grandchildren so that they will be able to live
happy successful lives, at least decent lives, that most of the poor
underprivileged in my generation never got to experience or enjoy in our
short lives.
So, I sit back and look at the world, and I wonder if I will ever get to
see the outside world again, free from this prison cell? At 74 it is not
looking too good for that to happen. But I keep my hopes alive and pray
as hard as I can that it will happen. If not, when they bury me I want
to be laid to rest face down and with a note pinned to my ass with the
words in large bold letters, ‘KISS MY ASS!!’… just in case someone wants
to study my bones years from now :)!!
On a more pleasant issue one of my grandaughters Ashley is in college at
University of Arizona, Flagstaff, and she wants to be a Medicine Woman!
How awesome is that? My baby, a doctor! Wow! How proud am I! You would
not believe just how much I am! I could use a little help now and then
for her; don’t send it to me, but send it to ILPDC earmarked for her use
ONLY!! She is going on a long hard journey, so she will need help now
and then. One day, if she continues her studies to be a Medicine Woman,
I know things can change as time goes by, but if she makes it, she will
be an enormous help to Native Nations’ hospitals.
My friend Harvey Arden passed yesterday on Saturday, November 17, 2018
5:20 P:M. He was a very good and kind man who loved Native People and
the poor and sick. We are all going to miss him. I hope he has a good
safe journey to the Spirit World, and I hope our Relatives will all be
there to greet him with open arms; that would be very pleasing to him.
See you soon, my Kola.
Politically we are finally making gains in Congress; two great Native
ladies made it in the House of Representatives! They are Shanice Davids,
Ho Chunk of Wisconsin, for Kansas and Deb Haaland, Laguna Pueblo, for
New Mexico. On Pine Ridge my nephew Julian Bear Runner made it as
President of the great Lakota Nation! I’m hearing more states are doing
away with Columbus Day! Hell, we may just win the War for Survival yet!)
My last thoughts on this day, that we Native People call a Day of
Mourning, are for my Sisters’ and Brothers’ family by blood and by AIM
that are now in the Spirit World, and to them I say Lila Pilamaya, thank
you for your love and work for The People.
My thoughts are also with the youth such as the Water Protectors and all
people young and old who are working to protect Mother Earth. I hope
someday in the near future to be with you and part of this march and
join you in the feast prepared by Native People and wonderful supporters
who have joined together today to honor our Ancestors.
In The Spirit of Crazy Horse.

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