Aktionsaufruf an unsere indigenen Freunde, Brüder und Schwestern

„Have You thought of Leonard Peltier lately?“ titled once Harvey Arden.

Have You thought about a phone call to the White House for Leonard Peltier lately?

Have You thought about an email or a Twitter-message for Leonard Peltier to President Barack Obama lately.

Have You thought about writing a personal letter to President Obama for Peltier lately?

To all our Native American friends, brothers and sisters, do You? It’s not to late and it is so easy to do to send a sign, that Your „Nelson Mandela“ must be free. Send an email, a Twitter message, a letter and make a phone call. Spread this to Your friends and family, in your community and in your rez. There are  just 10 more days to do this. Do You will? You can!

Phone calls President Obama for Leonard Peltier:  (001) 202-456-1111.
Email President Obama: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments. Twitter President Obama: @POTUS.

Tokata – LPSG RheinMain Germany

Supportgroup for Native American Youth-, Culture- and Human Right Projects & Leonard Peltier Supportgroup/Germany

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