Another Song and Videoslide-Show on YouTube for Leonard Peltier

On the occasion of this year’s Oglala Commemoration Leonard Peltier Day, as part of the Europe-wide actions and events, there is a three and a half minute video clip, musically underpinned by the song “STOLEN PART TWO – DEDICATED TO LEONARD PELTIER”. The song is based on the same melody as “STOLEN” but is exclusively dedicated to the political indigenous prisoner Leonard Peltier who has been imprisoned since 1976. Further information on the Europe-wide month of action can be found at

Anlässlich des diesjährigen Oglala Commemoration Leonard Peltier Days im Rahmen der europaweiten Aktionen und Veranstaltungen befindet sich ein dreiundeinhalbminütiger Videoclip, musikalisch unterlegt mit dem Song “STOLEN PART TWO – DEDICATED TO LEONARD PELTIER”. Der Song basiert auf der gleichen Melodie wie “STOLEN” ist aber ausschließlich dem seit 1976 inhaftierten politischen indigenen Gefangenen Leonard Peltier gewidmet. Weitere Infos zum europaweiten Aktionsmonat finden sich unter
und weiterer Blogs.

Stolen children and stolen wife
Stolen friends and stolen family life
Stolen truth to keep you down
Stolen hopes banning you to the ground

Stolen justice in an unjust state
Stolen freedom for more than four decades
Stolen health and stolen rights
Stolen contacts and no day light

Stolen fresh air and stolen peace
Stolen all what you really need
Stolen presence and stolen past
Stolen future may be at last

They gave the Lakota terror without any consequence
They gave their enemies arms and bullets to kill
They gave the judges manipulated evidence
They gave us lies and they always will

They gave You ironhouses and prison cells
They turned your life in a living hell
They took away from you all your life
But what they can´t take away all the years
Is our fight for the freedom of Leonard Peltier
Is our fight all the years
Is our fight for Leonard Peltier
Is our fight for you, Leonard Peltier

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