Statement von TOKATA-LPSG RheinMain zum 26.6.2021 sowie der European Alliance for the Self Determination of Indigenous People(s)

in the name of our organization and many of our European partner projects atfirst I want to express our and my honour to all those, who were involved in the Free Peltier Ride to Washington DC and also to all those, who are since many years involved in the Oglala Commemoration Day. And of course it is an honour and pleasure too, to be part of a gobal network of groups, organizations and individuals who are struggeling for Leonard Peltiers freedom and justice. In this month of attention, awareness and action for Peltier it is good to feel, that we are staying in worldwide solidarity together for the aims like “Free Peltier” and “Respect indigenous People(s) and their rights and dignity”. So allow me to tell you in some words, what here in Europe happens as support of all your efforts to bring Leonard Peltier back to freedom. There have been  vigils and rallies in Italy (Milano), France (Paris) and Germany (Frankfurt, Stade, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Berlin). There is a donation campaign in Switzerland and Germany for the legal funds. Three radio shows, a podcast, another YouTube Livestream and some newspaper articles reported about Leonard and this month of attention and awareness. And at last there is now another online-petition and also an international postcard campaign that asks Pres. Joseph Biden and the Bureau of Prisons for clemency. So more then 53.000 postcards were printed and we know, that the first hundreds or may be thousands of cards are on their way to the White House. Those activities are understandable as our small contribution in this worldwide campaign, as our sign of solidarity with you and all indigenous people(s), as our sign of friendship with Leonard Peltier. In this sense we are staying with You together on the Jumping Bull property near Oglala and in Washington DC. – with our hearts and good thoughts and love. Dear friends in the Pine Ridge Reservation and in Washington, let´s stay, pray and fight together, worldwide, for healing, freedom and justice, until Leonard Peltier is free.  

TOKATA – LPSG RheinMain “Support Group for indigenous Youth-, Culture- & Human Rights Projects & Leonard Peltier Support Group”

Und hier das Schreiben der European Alliance for the Self Determination of Indigenous People(s) (Merci Sylvain for the draft letter)

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