Happy Birthday, Leonard – Song for Leonard

Song for Leonard

Live recorded 2010, KJK Sandgasse – Offenbach am Main feat. Wade Fernandez (flute, lead guitar), Mike Koch (acoustic guitar, vocals)

I´m singing here a song for this brave old guy – Longtime since he´s seen summers blue sky – He´s caught behind grey walls deep cold – Getting this year 67 years old – More as a half of his lifetime caged in a cell – Means his life turns into living hell

Send him to prison for a crime he didn´t commit – Just for some corrupted apples and white men to profit – They called him a killer without any evidence – Being guilty for something that was just selfdefence – In this time called reign of terror down on the rez – When more than 60 Lakota were killed by goons and feds

The whole trial my friend really was a lie – Just for smashing nativ resistance and breaking down this guy – There was no justice and no chance for truth – In this case of racism and power politic abuse – And so that´s why I´m singing today and here – For the freedom of a warrior named Leonard Peltier. (words/music: Mike Koch, 2004)

  Protestaktion Lewisburg, 6.August 2011 

“Song for Leonard” live bei der Protestaktion gegen Isolationshaft und für Leonard Peltier, Lewisburg/USA   6.8.2011.   Photos by  Monica Martinez Donovan – Organisator/Art Sales Coordinator for www.leonardpeltierart.com

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