Heute Aktionstag zu Mumia Abu-Jamal: Twitter, Emails, Anrufe

Heute Aktionstag zu Mumia Abu-Jamal: Twitter, Emails, Anrufe

Im Zusammmenhang mit Corvid 19 haben wir ja bereits auf die Briefaktion an das Bureau of Prisons für den indigenen politischen Gefangenen Leonard Peltier auf unseren web-, facebook- und twittersites hingewiesen. Heute ist nun Aktionstag für Mumia Abu-Jamal. Sendet Emails, Twitternachrichten oder ruft an oder alles zusammen. Hier der englische Text, den wir von den Mumia-Gruppen übernommen haben:

Free Mumia, All Political Prisoners & All Aging, Vulnerable
Immune-Compromised Prisoners 💔

Free Mumia and All Political Prisoners:
Wednesday, 4/15, International Twitter/Media Storm & Phone Zap

Dear Mumia Supporters, Political Prisoner Supporters, Abolitionists, and
in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mumia and countless other
aging political prisoners are facing another death sentence, along with
all the thousands of other aging, vulnerable and immune-compromised
prisoners in Pennsylvania and across the country. We can’t let them be
murdered in their cells by this inhumane medical neglect. Join with the
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ),
the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC), Mobilization 4 Mumia, The
Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition – Bay
Area and the many more organizers and activists in this International
action to #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth!
Here’s the Plan –

1. NOW: Please share by email immediately to contacts
& orgs, but Save Social Media posts and Phone Calls to the Target Contacts
until 4/15 for our International Twitter/Media Storm and Phone Zap!*

2. On April 15: Share the four pics below to Twitter and other social
media platforms, using the hashtags in the first pic (the one with
Mumia’s pic) – die Bilder haben uns nicht erreicht, daher überspringt diesen Aktionsvorschlag

3. On April 15: Keep posting all day, with the hashtags in pic one. You
can supplement your posts with the sample tweets below, or create your
own, using the demands in pic two.

4. On April 15: Make the calls to the Target Contacts in pic four, using
the Phone Script in pic three. Report the results of your calls on your
social media post.

5. On April 15: Send emails to the Target Contacts, using the phone
script and demands for the basis of your email.

Target names & contact info: Hierhin bitte eure Emails

PA Governor Tom Wolf – @GovernorTomWolf 001 – 717-787-2500

PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel – @CorrectionsPA  001 – 717-728-4109

SCI Mahanoy Superintendent Bernadette Mason  001 – 570-773-2158

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner; @PhilaDAO; 001 – 215-686-8000

Sample Tweets:

1. @GovernorTomWolf 001-717-787-2500 #FreeMumia
#FreeThemAll4PublicHealth Approve immediate reprieves for Mumia & ALL
Political Prisoners! Incarceration during a global pandemic SHOULD NOT
be a DEATH sentence. ALL

2. @CorrectionsPA John Wetzel #FreeMumia #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners We
demand the immediate compassionate release for ALL aging, vulnerable and
immune-compromised prisoners. Provide all prisoners with PPE and
COVID-19 tests on demand. End the solitary confinement lockdown NOW.

3. @philadao Larry Krasner #FreeMumia #FreeOurPeople Demand
immediate reprieves for Mumia & ALL political prisoners! Incarceration
during a global pandemic SHOULD NOT be a DEATH sentence. Call 4
IMMEDIATE compassionate release 4 ALL aging, vulnerable &
immune-compromised prisoners!

4. Bernadette Mason SCI Mahoney #FreeMumia* *#PrisonersLivesMatter
Incarceration in a pandemic SHOULDN’T be DEATH sentence. End solitary
confinement lockdown now! Provide ALL prisoners with PPE & COVID19 tests
on demand. Place symptomatic prisoners in off-site medical facilities NOW!

mobilization4mumia@gmail.com for further info.

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