Keine Pipeline durch Ojibwe-Land und anderswo ….

…und der Pipeline Protest geht weiter. Hier eine Kampagne gegen die Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline, die Teersandöl durch die Ojibwe Vertragsländer pumpen soll. Dies verletzt nicht nur Stammesrechte sondern gefährdet auch deren Wasser, Boden und deren traditionelle Jagd- und Fischgründe.

Außerdem gibt es eine Kampagne gegen die Kinder Morgan Pipeline , an der Chase Manhattan Bank beteiligt ist.
Take Action, now

in solidarity

…and don´t forget brother Leonard, send postcards and letters and show him, that you never forget him


Dr. Michael,
Thank you for standing with us at Standing Rock. While the court deliberates the fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline, we invite you to stand with us against the massive Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline that would transport filthy Tar Sands crude across Ojibwe treaty lands and endanger their water, soil, and traditional hunting and fishing practices.
In Minnesota, the state recently completed an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Enbridge Line 3 pipeline that concluded both the route and its alternatives would have disproportionately negative impacts on several Ojibwe tribes.
The Ojibwe people and their allies are fighting for Indigenous sovereignty in another historic battle against Big Oil. Please stand with them.
In the wake of the gathering at Standing Rock, tribes will continue to stand firm and fight for equal consideration and the protection of our natural resources and way of life. We are taking our movement global, starting with Enbridge Line 3.
The tide is turning against Line 3 in Minnesota, with Governor Dayton applauding the state’s Commerce Department for weighing in against the pipeline. This is the perfect time to amplify the pressure.
Thank you for continuing to stand with us.
Chairman Dave Archambault II

Dr. Michael,

It’s been called “Standing Rock North:” a huge pipeline through Indigenous lands that would pump millions of gallons of destructive Tar Sands crude straight to the delicate waters of the Puget Sound to be shipped to refineries and overseas markets.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen, but it isn’t built yet, and we have a way to stop it. JP Morgan Chase is a major funder of Kinder Morgan’s Tar Sands pipeline expansion. If they pull out, it could all come crashing down. Tell CEO Jamie Dimon: we’re not letting up until they pull every cent out of this pipeline.

If Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion is allowed to go forward, this would be the most massive pipeline coming out of the Tar Sands to date. It’s a much bigger pipe, with a much dirtier carbon footprint, than the Keystone XL or the Dakota Access. The uptick in Tar Sands production would mean over 700% more oil tankers moving through the Salish Sea between British Columbia and Washington; experts say the chances of a catastrophic spill in that fragile ecosystem would leap to more than 95%.

But there’s still time. Kinder Morgan can’t break ground without Chase, and Chase has spent the last few years trying to position themselves as environmental stewards. Join us and our sister organization NDN in demanding Chase pull its financing of this pipeline now.

Pressuring banks who finance pipelines is a proven strategy is effective, especially when appeals to Capitol Hill stop working. Dutch Bank ING, another financier of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, responded to a major activist push by pulling their money out in July. This year alone, 3 banks divested tens of millions of dollars out of the Dakota Access Pipeline and over $5 billion was divested from the banks and companies who stayed in, thanks to weeks of sustained pressure from people like you.

And Kinder Morgan’s pipeline is already extremely vulnerable: the newly sworn-in government of British Columbia vowed to use “every tool” to defeat it. That means we have a very real shot at stopping construction before it even begins.

Join the movement to beat Kinder Morgan and sign our petition to Chase today. We’ll make sure they get it.

It’s time to drive a wedge between the banks that are “too big to fail” and the oil companies who want us to believe they’re too big to fight. Whether you’re a Chase customer who can move their money, a shareholder who can make some noise, or just a person willing to send a letter, you can help force Chase out of Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline expansion — and help shut down the Tar Sands once and for all.

Mitakuye Oyasin, “We are All Related”
Dave Archambault II
Chairman, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

JP Morgan Chase says it cares about climate chaos and human rights: but talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Chase must pull every cent from these tar sands pipeline projects: Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline, the Keystone XL and Enbridge’s Line 3.


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