Hungerstreik Statement von Michael Koch

dear, honorable Mr. President Barack Obama,
today I made in front of the US-Embassy a very personal statement about me and another member of our NGO, because we´re now since 3 days in hungerstrike. But this hungerstrike is no strategy for gettting awareness, to blame somebody, to push, to opress ….no, it is a sign of humility, it is a last cry for justice, freedom and humanity for federal prisoner Leonard Peltier. I am since 17 years engaged in this case: 17 years analyzing facts, studying FBI documents, reading the articles of all those who still think, that Peltier is guilty. I talked with witnesses, people from Pine Ridge Reservation, relatives of Peltier. I have seen the scars of the bullets of  goon terror on the chest of victims and I recognized, that there is still fear and panic about what happened in the 70th. We  invested ten thousands of hours and ten thousands of Euro for Investigation and Information.  We sent you close to 9000 signatures, our book and cd, a list with the Name of 165 artists for Peltier. We hoped 2001 and 2009 and not only for us, especially for this sick old prisoner these days are a kind of deja vu. We hoped, we prayed, we called and sang and we asked and pleed for freedom. Now the time is running, and there is nothing more to offer. So our hunger strike is no public campaign and no strategy, just one last try to please you in the name of humanity and justice – please, please give clemency to Leonard Peltier

Michael Koch ist seit dem 15.1.2017 in Hungerstreik, Holger Zimmer seit 16.1.2017

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