Hollywood-Star Johnny Depp will Wounded Knee der US-Regierung abkaufen und den Lakota wieder zurückgeben

Text in englisch:One of the greatest actors of our time just skyrocketed his way to greatest ever! Johnny Depp is in the process of buying the town of Wounded Knee from the corrupt United States Government which ordered the mass murder of over 300 Lakota Warriors, Women, & Children on that very site in 1890 and giving it back to the Lakota nation! Since then, the US Government had absolutely no decency, for if they had, they would not have been keeping their childish & immature tight fists around such a small landmass, despite the absolutely undeniable fact that they should have allowed the Lakota nation to keep the land! The Lakota even demanded the land back in 1973, but were denied despite their right to it! Thankfully, at least the haunting past of this national landmark is being rectified by her own people. I’d like to thank Johnny Depp for bringing justice to a land where justice seemed imaginary. Thank you, Captain Jack Sparrow/Edward Scissorhands/Benjamin Barker/Sweeney Todd/Tonto/Willy Wonka/Don Juan de Marco/Donnie Brasco/Inspector Aberline/and Ichabod Crane.
Johnny Depp To Buy Site Of Wounded Knee Massacre, Give It Back To Native Americans

“This historical land is so important to the Sioux culture and all I want to do is buy it and give i…

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